My Weight Loss Boss – The BIG Reveal

Last night we were finally able to reveal one the BIG projects we have been working on My Weight Loss Boss – We wanted to share with you how this all came about!!

Months and months ago, we were chatting in the office about how we weren’t feeling great in ourselves, we were tired, grumpy and feeling a bit frumpy! We knew our eating habits had gone a bit crazy since starting the business and being “Too Busy” to be organised and grabbing a breakfast roll or sneaking out for lunch in the local café was happening more and more often, and we decided that was something we wanted to change.

We have learnt from chatting to our members lacking confidence is VERY common! And one of the biggest factors is not being happy with our weight. Which was exactly what we were going through. But the big obstacle we both had was that we were just so busy and our schedules meant we didn’t have the time or energy to attend the local slimming classes. So, we started weighing each other, in the office on a Monday morning!! It worked well for the first week but we were missing a very important factor! The knowledge, expertise and motivation of someone who knew what they were talking about and could support us on our journey.

We set about trying to find an online weight loss program that we could share with our members that was personable, inspirational, relatable & achievable. After struggling to find something we came across Karen Daly on Snapchat. Karen was exactly what we were looking for.

Karen has worked in weight management since 2009 after losing over 4 stone herself and has helped thousands of women reach their dream weight! Karen has an Masters in Weight Management coupled with deep personal experience having lost weight and kept it off for almost ten years.

As a 41-year old busy working mum to 2 young boys Karen understands the challenges and triumphs of losing weight! Her expert and informative yet fun approach will inspire you beyond belief!

Karen runs a very successful Academy in County Louth – but we needed to find a way to deliver her knowledge, and expertise to all our members regardless of location and so over the last few months we have been working together with and we are now ready to launch MY WEIGHTLOSS BOSS

My Weight Loss Boss is an online programme designed to educate, excite and empower you into losing weight and enjoying a healthier happier and ultimately longer life. Program includes full 7-day plan, recipes, shopping list, weekly educational classes delivered live along with weekly cooking demos.

Before the big reveal we held a trial to make sure everything worked as it should – and of course we got some of our lovely Count Her In members involved to give us their opinions. The feedback was fantastic! Week 1 saw a weight loss of over 32 lb – which in for a small group was amazing! But more than that people where already noticing increased energy levels, improved skin and what we want more than anything else they were feeling better in themselves..

If you are interested in finding out more about My Weight Loss Boss then check us out at:

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