Top Tips for Festival Fun

The first Music Festivals are said to have started in the 1960’s – However going back further than that there is evidence of festivals focusing on specific music genres such as Celtic music taking place as early as the 5th Century, although I imagine they were a lot different to the festivals of today…

Festivals are BIG Business regardless of where you live in the world… Its no longer just about the music or the event itself. If you google “Festival” the first options that come up are: Festival Clothes or Festival Make Up.

All the BIG online retailers have a section just for Festival Wear with clothes ranging from Rain jackets and Wellies to Skin Tight hot pants and barely there bra tops. Of course, the images we see all over the Media of the Celeb elite at Coachella every year make us all Green with envy.

If you are hitting Donegal for Sea Sessions this weekend, Longitude, Electric Picnic, Creamfields in Liverpool, or Glastonbury itself then look no further we have some of our top tips for festival life!!

The Practicalities:

Getting to and from festivals can be an adventure in itself, so always plan how you will get to the venue but more importantly have a plan for getting home. Remember alcohol takes its time to leave your system, so if you are heading home on a Monday morning after a weekend of drinking it might be advisable to leave the car at home and go with a Bus instead!

The bag of supplies – Baby Wipes, toilet roll, sunscreen, antibacterial hand gel, snacks and drinks are all essentials when you are packing your bag and remember to bring extra!! When queuing for the port a loo you will be in high demand with those are aren’t as organised as you, so make sure you have enough for all your new BFFs.

Money – Most festivals these days have Cash machines you can use when you are there but it’s always worthwhile checking in advance nothing worse than running out of Cash!!

The Fashion

When it comes to fashion we are big fans of combining fashion with being comfortable and ensuring you can enjoy the Festival experience… If you live in Ireland or UK it can be difficult planning the wardrobe for a festival given the fact you don’t know from one minute to the next what the weather might throw at you so our advice is: Layers and Waterproofs!

Wear the Hot Pants with a pair of tights underneath if it’s too warm you can always take the tights off they don’t take up much space but it’s much better to have them than not and have purple/blue legs which is not a good look.

Ensuring you have the essential Wellies and Water proof Jacket or Ponchos are an absolute must! And there are some gorgeous ones around these days so you can still look fab and don’t have to spend a fortune! Newlook, ASOS, and Boohoo have some lovely Festival Wear so check them out but get in there fast before everything goes!!

The folks at Vogue have put together some more great advice when it comes to Fashion for the 2017 Festival season!

The Make Up

When I first started going to Festivals it was the one time you didn’t need to worry about make up! You would throw some on the morning of Day 1 and then you were good to go until you came home a few days later!! But it was fine everyone else looked the same, black eyes on the Saturday from the Mascara that ran in the rain and the lack of sleep where the look of the day! NOT anymore!!

Make up is HUGE now and Festival Make up is an absolute MUST!! With Lashes & Glitter and everything in between!

If you are a bit like me and don’t know your concealer from your Mascara let alone how to Contour then don’t forget you can book yourself on a Make Up course with the award winning Caroline Bourke through Count Her In for just €16


Or for anyone heading to Sea Sessions or Electric Picnic then you will see our great Friends from Fuschia and their GlamHer Van ready to get you looking fabulous! Don’t forget we also have an exclusive 25% off discount code for Fuschia so you can fill your make up bag with their Award winning products!

The Crew

Going to a festival with your friends or other half can be the best experience ever! But things can also go wrong so you need to have a backup plan and ensure that ahead of everything you all stay safe!

Getting Lost – I have been here before several times! One of you goes to grab a drink or to the bathroom “Of course I will find you” and then you can’t and you spend hours walking around hunting for each other. Modern technology and phones are fantastic but guaranteed if you get lost your battery will die, you will have no coverage or you just won’t be able to hear each other! So, in advance agree a meeting place should anyone get lost you know where to find each other!

Look Out for each other – With the sun shining, music playing and everyone having a great time it’s easy to get lost in the moment and have that one drink too many ensure you are with friends you know will not leave you should this happen to you. If your friend is the one who has had one too many then stick together and don’t be afraid to ask for help from staff / stewards at the event. And remember do not leave drinks unattended or accept drinks from strangers, unfortunately not everyone at the event is just their for a goodtime and the music!


The Music

We may have left it to the end of the list but for me this is the most important thing about any festival! The MUSIC!! When you have booked your tickets for your festival and they start announcing the line-up there will be 1-2 stand out acts that you just HAVE to see! So, make sure you do! There is nothing worse than looking forward to a festival for a year or more, you are looking fabulous and having a great time and you suddenly realise you have missed the one act you wanted to see because you miss timed your trip to the bar!! If you can plan then do – I have been known to arrive to a Festival with my Agenda (Yes, I am that person!) But you know what I have rarely missed someone I have wanted to see – I get myself a map of the venue, and the line-up showing the time / location each artist will be playing and then off I go… If you go to a Theme Park the first thing you do is get the map and start marking off the rides you want to go on so do the same with a festival to ensure you get to see and do everything you want to!

So, there you go our top tips for Festival Fun… If you have tickets all booked then have a Fab time and if you haven’t why not… If you have no one to go with then go to your Count Her In Group now and put up a post see if anyone fancies going along!! I’m just putting this out there now anyone for Coachella next year! I am In!!!!

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