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Over the last number of weeks and months the Count Her In community has grown and evolved so much, we have decided to go back to basics and tell you:

  • What Count Her In is
  • What we do for our members,
  • Have a little look at the journey so far and what’s ahead and
  • We want to introduce you to the women behind Count Her In


How it all started?

Count Her In started as an idea by a 30 something, mum of 3 who found herself feeling socially isolated (again!) after being made redundant from a job she loved. But it wasn’t the first time she had experienced

Georgina moved to Ireland when she was 19, after a slow start to make friends she began to build a fantastic circle of friends – However when she began having her children she found her friends where all busy working and so finding people to have a grown up conversation with was hard to do.

Back at work after maternity leave life was just as tough, she had dreams and ambitions but she also had responsibilities and no matter how hard she planned things would inevitably get in the way when it came to goals she had set herself – Not enough money, not enough time, not knowing where to start.  So with a fresh start on the card she got to thinking that she couldn’t be the only woman who felt that there must be more to life than just rushing around, working and trying to paying bills, feeling isolated at times, feeling life was passing by so fast and so she decided to turn the crazy idea into something real, and if there were other people out there just like her then maybe together they could make a difference to their own lives and others.

In May 2016 Count Her In was born, the idea turned into a community overnight. Launching Facebook groups all over Ireland and we quickly discovered it wasn’t just Georgina, it wasn’t just mammies, or people who moved countries regardless of age, circumstances, location At some point in life you can feel just like Georgina did , you can get to wonder what your purpose is, you can feel isolation of some sort even with a large circle of friends. Life changes, circumstances change, you change. What doesn’t change is the fact our Count Her In Community is there to support you, whether that’s through one of our meet ups a chat and a coffee, showing you are not alone and there is someone else just like you feeling the same at some point,  or supporting you through everyday life so you can make each day matter –Live the best possible version of your life


Count Her In Community:

This is where I come in(Sharon). Last year I also was out of work I was at home with 2 children under the age of 5 and had another one on the way. My husband works long hours and I was at home with the kids most days, loving being a Mammy but craving some Adult chat every now and then. One day a description came up on Facebook for a group that I felt was written just for me – I don’t remember the exact wording but it was along the line of “For Mammies who want to juggle feeding Babies, and homework with their dancing shoes” I totally related to this, I was Mammy 24 hours a day but once in a while it would be great to feel like Sharon and so I clicked to join, see what this was all about. I am one of those people who look at everything on Facebook and never post for fear of being judged but in this group I felt comfortable and was posting and chatting away to other members. The long and short story is I became Ambassador for the Louth Mammies Group, formed a friendship with Georgina we both had the same passion for this idea, we could already see the difference it was making to women just like me, just like us and so we decided it would be great for both of us to continue this Count Her In journey together.

The next year was spent telling everyone about Count Her In, what we do and we even managed to get onto National TV sitting beside Sinead Desmond on the Sofa at Ireland AM.



The Best Part – The Experiences

Fast forward to April of this year and things got REAL, We knew that our members wanted more, they loved when we organised events and there was such a buzz from it. We decided that this is what we want to do for women we want to give them the experiences they love and are looking for whether it be Kayaking, Afternoon Tea to Spa days and everything in between. We want to encourage and empower women to realise that wanting to get the most from their lives is ok and something they should not be ashamed of. So now we are partnering with fantastic business and getting the experiences, you told us you are looking for. So that you can fill your memory/scrap book with all the things you love, or would love to do and we think that you deserve it.

We knew that we needed help and in May 2 became 3 when we were joined by Aisling. Aisling came on board just before our first birthday in May and is a such an asset to our team. We often wonder how she puts up with the 2 of us, but thankfully she does. Our team of 3 just works, so much so that sometimes we have to remind ourselves we are working.

So what’s next for Count Her In – we are working on a really exciting project – we know all the hurdles facing women today – the reasons we struggle to turn dreams to a reality – the lack of money, lack of time, lack of confidence and we want to help you overcome these hurdles and take you on your journey we will provide the ideas, the opportunities and the encouragement you need to open the door to more, More adventures, more family fun, more friends, more laughs… loads more of what you want.

So that is us we are just a small team of women who have a passion for what we do and that is helping women recognise that there is more to life… so make sure you join us on the journey and Count Yourself In!!!!!

Much Love Sharon and the Girlies xxx 

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