Schools out – Heres some ideas of what to do this summer (& you don’t need kids!)

For some school is out for summer and for others the summer holidays are fast approaching… Although a large percentage of our members have children we also have a significant amount that either have no children or they have grown up children and so we wanted to write a blog about the Summer Holidays that could be useful to all.

We have decided to list SEVEN things we think you should try this summer with or without children!!

    1. Treasure Hunt / Geocaching – so you probably know what a good old fashioned treasure hunt is and it’s a fantastic way to get out and about over the summer. But what is Geocaching?? Well it’s a modern version of a treasure hunt and is growing more and more popular. Instead of a map and a big X marking the spot a geo caching app / GPS system is used instead to track down the Geocache (treasure hidden by other Geocachers). Find out more about Geocaching by visiting:
    2. Lessons in Money – Hands up isn’t great with money?? Do you live like a Queen the week following pay day and then find yourself penniless the following week? Do your kids really think money grows on trees? Summer can be expensive there is the extra evenings out, meeting friends, the fabulous summer dress you must have, along with the sunscreen and new sunglasses – Summer holidays for children usually means extra childcare costs, a trolley full of arts & craft supplies for the rainy days. So, this summer why not try something new why not try teaching yourself or your children about how to better manage money. For the children there are lots of games you can play to begin learning about money (that will also keep them occupied – Play shop, bank) Or for older children give them an amount of money they have to spend this summer and then have them plan how it will be spent – depending on the amount this can include days out, treats etc – Almost everything can be found online now so let them do all the research for you and once the money is gone it is gone. Now what about you – Set yourself a summer challenge to first of all understand how you are spending your money each month, then set a target you want to reduce it by and then start finding ways to save – comparison sites are great now and you can save yourself a small fortune by remembering to switch utility providers, or moving telephone companies. If you try and do one major outgoing per week by the end of the summer you should have been able to make some significant savings. Don’t forget to check out one of our previous blogs all about money!
    3. Summer Camps – So this one must be just for the kids, right?? Wrong!! For the kids, there are a huge amount of summer camps now available depending on your location and budget. There is everything from dance camps, soccer, Gaelic, Lego, arts and crafts, adventure camps and of course it wouldn’t be 2017 without an iPod camp! But what about for you? Have a look at what’s available in your local area, it could be a meditation retreat, or maybe learning a new skill through a creative course being run over the summer in Louth we partner with a great facility Creative Spark and they are running a whole load of great creative courses. But what if there is nothing available by you?? Then create your own summer camp – list things you love to do but don’t get the chance to do and then do them. You can choose to do the same thing each day or pick a few different things and do them all.
    4. Get Crafty – The local euro / pound shops are a great place to visit during the summer holidays they are full of things to keep the children occupied but be warned don’t expect what you buy to last long! They nearly all have sections on arts and crafts now – so whether its designing and painting face masks, or making your own cards there is lots to try out. For those with no children what about visiting your local charity shop – finding a bargain outfit and then have a go at being Gok Wan and up styling it into something just fabulous! There are also lots of knitting, sewing, art classes around so have a look what’s happening where you are.
    5. Picnic – Regardless of your age there is nothing nice than a picnic – The only difference is probably the contents of the picnic basket! So fill up the basket with all the things you love, from nostalgic items like squashed jam sandwiches and fizzy drinks to the more grown up items Quiche, Salad, Prosecco if you don’t have to drive… Go visit somewhere new, or just somewhere you haven’t been in a long time – In my opinion there is nothing nicer than a good view, a soggy sandwich and a flask of hot tea.
    6. Take a break – When the summer holidays are almost here people are usually counting down the days until their summer holidays – Life is busy with or without children and so it’s not just the kids or teachers who count the sleeps until the start of the summer holidays. But do we take the holiday season as a chance to relax, catch up on rest and maybe a bit of sleep? We are programmed now to find things to do, keep ourselves busy, but just sometimes we need to remember to rest. Whether it’s getting the extra hour in bed of a morning, or going to bed an hour early. Or maybe it’s just taking a long soak in the bath or sitting in the garden for a full day and reading a book. However, you choose to relax and rest the most important thing is not to feel guilty about it!! Our bodies and brains need to recharge so make sure you give yourself time to do just that this summer.
    7. Make new friends – If you think back to when you were a child on summer holidays one of the things you might remember was making new friends. It could be when you were sent to stay with your relative for a week, or when you were at a camp, or when you met your BFF on your summer holidays in Spain or France. I always loved meeting new friends, and I would love nothing more than writing to my new pals after the holidays where over back when writing a real letter was your only real option of keeping in touch. Now with technology it’s even easier to keep in touch with people you meet regardless of where in the world they live so you have no excuse!! This summer if you are going on holidays, if you are staying at home make it your mission to have at least one or two new friends by the time the winter is approaching… and an easy way to do that is by joining a Count Her In Group – or if you are a member already attend a meet up or event.


 Happy Summer Holidays to you all!!

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