Happy New Year to everyone reading our first blog of 2018… We hope you had a fantastic and magical Christmas! I really do sound like my Mum now but its hard to believe we are at the start of another year! 2017 was a manic year for Count Her In and the team behind Count Her In. The year was full of lots of Highs and Lows, Ups and downs… BUT we are still standing which is the main thing and we are ready for what is shaping up to be another exciting year… And that is exactly what this Blog is all about..

In November of last year we decided we needed a Re-Launch of Count Her In – So much happened in 2017, things changed so many times that we found ourselves getting a bit confused as to what we were trying to do.. So, I’m sure you did too! So for 2018 its back to basics! Our mission is clear….

We want to make life easier for women! For You!

When we launched Count Her In we had wanted a way for women to make friends, get out and about more, try new things – But we realised that sometimes it just not possible… Despite the fact we want to do certain things sometimes we can’t! Maybe we can’t because we don’t have the money, or the confidence. Maybe we can’t because we are busy juggling our careers or families.

What we want to do is help support you with the struggles you face, the juggling act – so that you can start to overcome some of the challenges you face and life becomes just a little bit easier and you can begin filling it with the things that mean the most to you and that you want to do! We want to help turn your dreams into reality.

Our promise to you as a member of Count Her In is that WE WILL NOT STOP TRYING TO MAKE LIFE EASIER! (Even if its just a little!)

So as part of our re-launch we have some really exciting things happening in 2018…

  • Mammy & Mini Meet Ups – Check out the events section in your groups for scheduled dates / locations
  • Coffee & Chats – Check out the events section in your groups for scheduled dates / locations
  • Launch of our online Programme – Money matters
  • Launch of our online Programme – Eat Better Not Less

Our face to face meet ups are designed to get you out and about, you can do almost everything online these days but still nothing beats that face to face interaction, getting to know others over a coffee.

The online programmes we have launched and are launching throughout 2018 have been designed just for you! As requested by You! We are working with Top Class experts in various areas to deliver a programme that will educate, encourage and empower you to make changes and take back control in certain areas of your life.

And if that’s not enough we also will be running at least one competition a month – and we have some amazing prizes already lined up worth €€€€€€€ – The competitions will all be announced on our Facebook Page and within our local groups so if you are not following, or are not a member then get that fixed now!! The winners will be announced in our Monthly Newsletter so you need to be subscribed to this to not miss out on claiming your prize!

We also wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about our chosen charity partner for 2018 – The amazing Pieta House – We will be telling you much more about all we have planned in aid of Pieta House throughout 2018 very soon but in the meantime if you want to read up on all that they do then check out their website:

Lastly we have a favour to ask of you…… We want Count Her In to be Bigger and Better in 2018 – and the best way for that to happen is for us to continue growing!! So please do tell your friends – and if we can make your life any easier in any other way LET US KNOW!!


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