Fathers Day – Socks Again?

Is it just me or are men SO difficult to buy for? Or do we just think about it too much?? Every year I have the same dilemma I want to get something meaningful, something that will show just how much we appreciate the men / man in our lives – something that will make up for the times I was grumpy and bit his head off just because he was there… But I can never think of anything, never find anything and so it gets closer, and closer to the Big day and I always find myself panic buying… The CD (that will never be listened to because he has an iPod) the chocolates (I know I will eat) and the socks!! The good old socks that are purchased every Christmas and every Father’s Day…

But this year I was determined it would be different… and so here we are 6 days to go and of course I have nothing! No card, no meaningful gift not even a pair of socks!! But with the help of google and the fact I must also write this blog I am hoping in approx. 1000 words time I will be all sorted and hopefully you will be too… So here we go here are some ideas for you to consider this fathers day!

The Sporting Gift

All men like sports, don’t they? Whether they like to play themselves or watch sports – There is a whole host of things you can get the sports fan in your life. Here are a few ideas depending on your budget:

  • Tickets to a Game / Match
  • Subscription to their favourite Team magazine
  • The latest jersey, hoody, baseball cap – if you have a few extra €£ to spare you can get it personalise #1 Dad
  • Lesson with a Golf Pro
  • The latest designer wear for running, cycling, or the Gym

The Bucket List Gift

What about the Bucket List – Is your husband or Dad the next Bear Grylls – Is he full of energy and looking for an adventure here are some ideas:

  • Adventure Centres – These are popping up all over the place these days and offer a huge array of activities depending on budget and how much adventure you want –you can try out everything from Kayaking, White water rafting, Archery, rock climbing, to the new one I discovered at the weekend Coasteering.
  • If money is a bit tight it doesn’t mean you can’t still tick an item off your bucket list what about everyone getting up that bit earlier, packing a picnic and going to watch the Sunrise as a family. This is something we tried last year and it was truly magical and well worth the grumpy children a few hours later.Become the next


The Practical Gift

Practical gifts are my least favourite because of the fact they are practical… But sometimes practical is best and buying something that is practical can lead to making memories for years to come

  • The new BBQ what Man doesn’t think he is Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey when it comes to the BBQ – a BBQ can be a great gift that you can enjoy for years to come.
  • He might think he is Jamie or Gordon around the BBQ but what about inside the house – How about trying a cookery class, learning a new skill he can show off to family & friends.
  • Or what about a new Picnic Basket or an electronic cooler so you can head off on family days out in style.

The Gift All the Family can enjoy

One of the most precious things I believe you can give is the gift of time… The one thing no one has enough of these days. Again, depending on your budget there is lots of things to try.

  • Breakfast for all the family – Inviting all the family around to your house for a big brekky, make life easier for yourself as well by asking each person to bring something. No one makes pancakes like Nanny in my house so having her bring them will take pressure off me and ensure the kids and Daddy are happy.
  • Family Meal – What about heading out for lunch / dinner – Find a place that you know will suit everyone (Particularly the fathers!) If you are going on Father’s Day itself book in advance as places will be busy and bring colours and things like that to keep the kids busy! You don’t want them to have a Melt down if you are waiting a little while for food.
  • If you have a few extra € what about a night/weekend away – Just getting away from the home and all the chores that come with can be a fantastic way to ensure the time you spend together is quality time with no distractions. If you can’t get away then stay at home and pretend you are on holidays! No washing! No Cooking! Go visit somewhere you have never been before! Switch off the TV!

The Handmade Gift

When the children are younger the house is usually full of handmade cards and gifts made at creche or school but as they get older they tend to disappear.

  • What about digging out some of the kid’s old drawings and giving them a new lease of life in a frame.
  • Remember all the photographs you have taken in the last few years and never printed… Print them now and make a collage or a frame that can be kept on the bedside locker or in the office… You can even get photographs printed on Mugs! What better way to start the day than a coffee out of a cup with your loved ones faces on.
  • For those who are creative why not spend some time thinking about what you Dad / Husband means to you and your family and put this down on paper with a poem, story or song.

And there we have it… Hopefully we have given you some ideas on what you can get for Father’s Day.

Whatever gift you choose just remember being together on Father’s Day where possible will be the best present you can give and if you can’t be together then just let them know you are thinking of them.

Happy Fathers Day to all.

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