Your questions answered

We’ve anticipated some of your frequently asked questions and have provide some answers here. You can also visit our contact page and send an enquiry if we haven’t answered your question here.

What is Count Her In?

Count Her In is an online & offline community for women. We have different streams so depending on your preference you can select the group that best suits your circumstance’s: Ladies & Mammies… Once you have picked the group for you what you get out of your group is entirely up to you! You can use social media to talk to other ladies within your group, arrange meet ups, find a gym buddy for example, you can also take advantage of the events we organise for you and sign up to any that peak your interest. Count Her In is not just about meeting new people tell your friends, family about us and come along together.

How much does it cost?

To sign up to Count Her In is free – there is absolutely no commitment! You can join your group and meet people and organise your own catch ups without ever spending a Euro! The only costs involved are if you decide our events are so good that you have to take part…. The costs of our events will vary depending on the event/activity being organised.

What will I get out of Count Her In?

To name but a few benefits:

  • We do all the organizing – All the ladies have to do is sign up & take part in the activities they want to.
  • Meeting new people through our online communities
  • Increased experiences, getting to try new things – Learning new skills and having fun
  • Saving money as we will organise the events on a larger scale you can avail of discounted prices
  • Community Integration as we will be working with many local suppliers / businesses & introducing the you to people who play a key role in your local communities
  • Networking – Both personally & professionally

I’m afraid / embarrassed to come to an event on my own.

Don’t be! All the women in your group felt the same at some stage – Get to know people first by introducing yourself to your group when you join. Join in with group discussions chat to people from the comfort of your own home. Count Her In is not just about meeting new people so if you don’t want to come alone then don’t. Bring along a friend, a relative, work colleague.

I don’t have Facebook

For those who don’t have Facebook if you subscribe via the website we can still let you know what’s happening & when via email. Or if you are a WhatsApp / Viber user then send us a text on 0877527047 – We can find the right group for you and then notify you by text when events are organised so you don’t have to miss out! If at all possible however we would encourage you to sign up to the Facebook pages as this is the best way to get to know the other ladies in your group in advance of catch ups / events.

Where is my closest group?

Click onto the groups page for full listing of groups currently available

How do I know which group is for me?

Mammies: For women with children who want to juggle baby bottles, homework & football training with their own dancing shoes.

Ladies: For ladies who want just a little bit more…. More fun, more friends, more laughs.

Can I try without buying?

Of course! It’s free to subscribe / join the Facebook pages and attend the weekly catch up sessions. We will advertise events in advance and only at that stage do you need to pay anything should you wish to attend an event. But trust us… they are so much fun you will not want to miss out!

Can I bring friends / partner to events?

The majority of the events we organise will be women only events – so you can bring along anyone you like provided they are female. For the Mammies groups we will also run organised family events. However, the events we organise are based on what you want, so if you would like us to organise an event where you could bring the other half then please let us know.

What type of events?

It would be easier to list what we don’t cover – our events range from movie nights to wine tasting, to cookery demos to fashion shows, kayaking to still life drawing classes. No matter what the event we guarantee one thing they will all be great fun & unique.

How do I book tickets?

When we publish an event either on the Facebook page or you receive an email you will see a link to book your tickets.

What if I need to cancel? Can’t attend an event?

If you have purchased tickets to an event and you are unable to attend we will do our best to refund your ticket – If we are able to sell on the place. However, this may not always be possible depending on how much notice we are given / the type of event. If you give us as much notice as possible we will always do our best to ensure you aren’t left out of pocket.

Who can see my posts?

If you post on our Community page, then anyone who views this page can see your post. However, if you post in your group then only other members of the group can see your post.

What is a closed group?

This means that anyone can find the group, & see who is in the group, they can also ask to be added to the group but they cannot see any content on the page until they are a member of the group.

Too many notifications?

You can control when you receive notifications for your group – You can either chose to receive notifications;

# For all Posts, # Highlights, #Friends posts or you can switch notifications off completely.

Can I add my friend to this group?

Yes you can invite a friend to become part of your group.

The Rules:

We just have 1 so it’s nice & easy….

Respect: You will meet lots of people if you come join us– Some people you will love, some you will like, & others maybe not so much… That’s life! We were all made differently and have different opinions/beliefs on things – regardless of what them opinions/beliefs are we should be respectful at all times.

Staying Safe:

Our communities are online and you need to bear that in mind when joining and when you start making friends / connections. If you decide to meet up outside of our events, please ensure you take extra care/precautions especially if you are meeting up for the first time.

Join Count Her In Today….

Have a look through our groups

Mammies: For women with children who want to juggle baby bottles, homework & football training with their own dancing shoes.

Ladies: For ladies who want just a little bit more…. More fun, more friends, more laughs.