Back to School we go and it’s not just the kids!!

The beginning of September is bitter sweet for most people! Even those with no children see a difference as the autumn starts to creep in and the traffic is back on the roads! Hopefully you had the chance to experience the carefree lifestyle of later nights, later mornings and a festival (or 2.) We were chatting in the office about how things change during the summer months everything just seems to move at a slower pace – doing business is tough as everyone you need to speak to seems to be on holidays, the courts close, finding a good TV program is like looking for a needle in a haystack – as the networks keep all the good stuff for the winter knowing we don’t watch as much television in the bright evenings anyway. But now it’s back to schedules, hectic mornings, as we all knuckle down for what’s left of 2017. They were chatting on the radio yesterday about how September is now the new January and how its seen by most as a fantastic time to start something new, and we think they could be right.

It’s not just not the kids that go back to school and college. There are now so many opportunities for us ladies of all ages to learn something new or do something different! As you know one of our moto’s here is… “do more and try more” and we think learning something new does that exactly.

And so, Georgina in the office has bit the bullet and decided to learn a new language and has signed up to start a Beginners Italian course with one of our business partners “Drogheda Grinds Academy”

If you are like me learnt a language back in your school days, then hopefully you can still say hello, possibly tell someone your name. But did that really help you on your last holiday? Would you even have the confidence to use any of the words you still remember? Probably not!

As we get older you start to appreciate new skills, & also how learning a new language can give you much more than just thanking someone in the resort shop. With all new skills they can bring you increased confidence, more possibilities, opportunities – even before you think of who you might meet along the way.

Our challenge for you is to look around your local area see if you can sign yourself up for a course! We are working with a couple of fantastic businesses in Louth who offer courses – Everything from the languages, enterprise courses to creative courses including Art and writing.  But you don’t need to be in Louth – Take 2 minutes now to Google what you would love to do – what skill would you like to learn and more than likely you will find it being delivered in a town near you!

For those in Louth who fancy learning a new language with Georgina then check out our fantastic offers –

And what better reason to start planning summer 2018 holiday!!

So just before you start digging out the winter woollies ready for hibernation, have a think about how you can press the restart button and revisit some of the January goals you set yourself that have not yet gotten around to – Get moving on them today before dare I say it “Its time for Christmas”

Happy Learning Ladies

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