Count Her In…

…. helps busy women master their lives through a community that EMPOWERS.

About Count Her In.

Count Her In was created to encourage women to make time to live and get the most out of life by trying more, doing more, and being more.

Through our Facebook groups you can:

  • Meet new people in your area
  • Have a good old chat and provide each with other with additional support
  • Organise or Attend meet ups / events
  • Share information and Knowledge

By getting to know our members we very quickly discovered that at any given time in our lives we can be affected by many things that can challenge us

  • Finding the balance
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Career
  • Health & Well Being
  • Confidence
  • Isolation

We are now in the process of developing online programmes that when used in conjunction with our community empower you to master the demands of your daily life.

We are collaborating with some of the world’s leading experts in these areas, so we can deliver the skills / knowledge needed to tackle any obstacle you face – Whilst you are encouraged and supported by your very own cheer leading squad made up of thousands of women just like YOU!

Our Journey.

In May 2016 Georgina McKenna decided to see if the “Crazy” idea she had was anything more than just that…. For a few years she had wanted to find a way to connect with other women in her area – A way to say “Does anyone fancy a cuppa, a trip to the cinema, or to go for a walk on the beach.” After moving from Liverpool to Ireland in 2002 she had found herself isolated at different times along the years: When she first relocated, when she went on maternity leave and her friends where all at work, when she left her job in a large multi national company to start her own business.

This “Crazy” Idea became Count Her In……

After a whirlwind 8 months Count Her In was going really well, with thousands of members across Ireland it seemed the “crazy” idea wasn’t that crazy after all.. But there was a problem… Georgina had become very isolated… Busy, but isolated! Something needed to change and Georgina realised she didn’t want to continue on in the business if it meant being alone.

Introducing Sharon…..

Sharon was at home with her 2 young children (& 3rd on the way!) when she came across Count Her In – Like Georgina,  Sharon had also felt isolated at times and decided to find out what Count Her In was all about…. When Sharon & Georgina met for the first time the conversation flowed they realised they had lots of friends in common, but had never met despite not living too far from each other. As the months went by Count Her In did exactly what it was created to do and Georgina and Sharon became great friends meeting for play dates with their children and coffee without them.

So in April 2017  Sharon came on board and they are now running the business together whilst juggling the demands of their busy lives…. And this how they discovered Count Her In needed to deliver more for their members (and them!) than just the fun stuff… So this is exactly what is planned for 2018 and beyond……..

To Be Continued……. 

When women support women amazing things happen!! 


The groups are run through Facebook and we have 2 choices per location – a Group for Mammies, and a group for Ladies. You can join one, both or more if you want to see what’s happening in other locations close to you. These are YOUR groups, when you have joined say hello, introduce yourself or create your own events.