Count Her In…

…was created to encourage women to make time to live and get the most out of life by trying more, doing more, and being more!

About Count Her In.

Count Her In was created to encourage women to make time to live and get the most out of life by trying more, doing more, and being more.

Through our Facebook groups you can:

  • Meet new people in your area
  • Have a good old chat and provide each with other with additional support
  • Organise or Attend meet ups / events
  • Share information and Knowledge

Living life to the full can be expensive and we want to make sure you have no reason to not do the things you want to. We work with local businesses and big name brands to get you exclusive offers and discounts on the things you want. For us it’s about the experience – we want you and every member of Count Her In to experience more. We want to help you tick all the items off your bucket list and maybe even be there with you so we can tick them off our lists too.

We have groups across Ireland, UK, US, Australia and Canada – With new groups launching all the time. If you can’t find a group in your area yet then let us know and we will get it up & running asap.

Regardless of your circumstances, your age, your location you likes or dislikes Count Her In is an inclusive group with 1 big thing in common we all want to LIVE.

So if you want to do more, try more and be more… then Count yourself in today!

My Journey.

My name is Georgina McKenna and I am the founder of Count Her In – I wanted to share with you a little bit about me and explain how Count Her In came about!

Almost 15 years ago at the age of 19 I moved, I didn’t just move house, or town I moved country. Emigrated. Just me on my own. The previous summer on holiday in Cyprus I had met an Irish man (John) and fallen head over heels in love. For a year I travelled back and forth to Ireland from my home town Birkenhead (a stone’s throw from Liverpool.) After doing the long distance thing for just over a year I decided to move over. It was all very romantic and exciting, the first few days where magical! Then reality set in.

I was 19, in a new country with no job and the only friends I had where all Johns friends who I had met on previous trips. Johns family & friends where so welcoming and I am not sure I would still be here only for the welcome I received. But it was still very tough and for a long time I lost my own identity.

Eventually I began to settle into Irish life, I started working and began to build my own circle of friends. The years rolled by as they do and I went on to marry John and we now have 3 beautiful children together. My circle of friends grew but each time I went on maternity leave I struggled. The friends I had built up over the years where all working whilst I was at home, some had since moved to new areas, new countries.

Most days where OK, I had the babies for company but when I was having a really low day when nothing seemed to settle the fussy baby or the toddler who insisted on throwing tantrums every few minutes because I had put juice in the wrong coloured cup or cut up their fruit the wrong way, I felt alone. I just wished I could connect with someone else who was quite possibly feeling the same and say “Do you fancy a coffee and a chat?” “Do you fancy bringing the children for a walk in the park” or on a Friday night “What about a cocktail?”

I never saw my friends, I was too tired to go the cinema, I no longer went out dancing.. And it is NOT because the children arrived! Regardless of if you have children or not we all fill our lives with a list of things we HAVE to do!

And it is very rare that we include looking after ourselves on that list!

This is turning into an autobiography so to cut a long story short! I was made redundant I needed to start afresh and decided to sit and think about a crazy idea that over the years had formulated in my head. An idea which is now Count Her In.

I wanted to encourage women (and myself) to MAKE time to live! I wanted to encourage women to do more, try more and be more! Whether that’s meeting new friends so you always have someone to get a coffee with when you need it, or finding a friend who wants to go kayaking with you when none of your existing friends fancy it. Or just to remind women that’s its ok to look after themselves, its ok to demand more from their lives for themselves.

And here we are….Since we launched I have done so many things I know I wouldn’t have done had it not been for Count Her In – I have met hundreds of new people sometimes just the once, some who are now firm fixtures in my life. I have ran naked into the sea for charity with over 200 other women, I have most recently taken part in strictly come dancing for my local GAA club and trust me with my co-ordination that’s something I never thought would happen.

I have chosen to Make time to live and I really hope I have or will inspire you to do the same.
Georgina x


The groups are run through Facebook and we have 2 choices per location – a Group for Mammies, and a group for Ladies. You can join one, both or more if you want to see what’s happening in other locations close to you. These are YOUR groups, when you have joined say hello, introduce yourself or create your own events.