Count Her In…

…. for women who want to be part of something!!

About Count Her In.

Count Her In was created to encourage women to make time for themselves & get the most out of life. By trying more, doing more, and meeting new friends along the way.

How it works: 

We have set up different social platforms for you to join where you can get involved as little or as much as you like.

We will encourage you to get involved both online and offline in your local area with other Count Her In members. This can be anything from coffee meet ups, fitness partners,  cocktail classes, new adventures and even weekends away.

Your business can also benefit too, we want to help and support local business and brands to get involved with our community both professionally and personally. We want you to build up relationships with other budding entrepreneurs but also want to remind you to take some time out for you.

Join us today to find out more!

The Journey of Count Her In! .

My name is Sharon and I am a mum of 4 who seems to like being busy. I got involved in Count Her In a few years back when I joined up as a member to my local group.

As my husband would say ” I would go to the opening of an envelope”, I tell him that I am a social butterfly who enjoys meeting new people while trying new things so Count Her In was just perfect for me.

Count Her In was started by a good friend of mine who had a passion for connecting women who wanted that little extra out of life.

She started the journey for Count Her In a few years back when she realised from talking to other women that this was something that was needed and welcomed.  She decided to build a platform where this was possible so Count Her In was born.

It started with women introducing themselves online and turned into play dates,  walking groups, cinema trips and lots lots more.

I joined Count Her In in the early weeks  and over the first initial numbers of weeks got more involved with events and we quickly realised that I shared her passion for what Count Her In was all about and I came on board to help her build a space for women to connect and get involved.

We became amazing friends over the last number of years and have been through so much professional and personally together, loads of up and downs, we have cried laughed and shared some amazing memories which really shows that Count Her In is more that just a online space, you will never know who you will meet, connect with and where your paths will take you.

But sometimes things don’t always work out the way you planned and life had to take priority for both of us so Count Her In took a back seat for a few months.

Our members have continued to share stories, recommendations and fun things in our community but now its time to start getting  involved again.

Women never put themselves first, we are always busy with our careers, families, partners, that we sometimes forget that we need to make time and space for us, so why not help us change that, get involved in our community, share your passions ideas stories and lets start making new connections and new memories!!

In the words of Helen Keller “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

Be Part of something amazing !

Our mission is quite simple we want to be the worlds Number 1 social network for women – we want to encourage & empower women to demand more from their lives, more for themselves!

Our mission is personal!

We are Members of Count Her In – We are busy women with lots going on, but we wont allow that to stop us from making time for ourselves – meeting new people and trying new things.

We are Ambassadors of Count Her In – We want the freedom & flexibility of working for ourselves, of not having to commute, of having control over our own earning potential.