Count Her In…

…. for women who want to be part of something!!

About Count Her In.

Count Her In was created to encourage women to make time for themselves & get the most out of life. By trying more, doing more, and meeting new friends along the way.

How it works for Members:

Our members can choose from joining our free network or for a small monthly subscription they can join be part of Count Her In Choice.

Count Her In Choice gives members access to:

  • A dedicated local Ambassador
  • 4 Monthly Meet Ups
  • Access to a community of like-minded women
  • Technology that makes it easier than ever to count yourself in
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Reduced prices on group events

How it works for Ambassadors:

Our Ambassadors are women who want the freedom and flexibility to earn a living whilst doing something they love. They provide members with a local, tailor made service whilst having the support and backing from a Global company.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an ambassador GET IN TOUCH

Staying Safe:

Count Her In is an Online & Offline Social Network for women and it is our Number #1 priority to ensure the safety of our members – All meet ups organised by Count Her In / Ambassadors will be organised in public locations to ensure your safety.

Our Journey.

In May 2016 Georgina McKenna decided to see if the “Crazy” idea she had was anything more than just that…. For a few years she had wanted to find a way to connect with other women in her area – A way to say “Does anyone fancy a cuppa, a trip to the cinema, or to go for a walk on the beach.” After moving from Liverpool to Ireland in 2002 she had found herself isolated at different times along the years: When she first relocated, when she went on maternity leave and her friends where all at work, EVEN when she left her job  to start her own business.

This “Crazy” Idea became Count Her In……

After a whirlwind 8 months Count Her In was going really well, with thousands of members across Ireland it seemed the “crazy” idea wasn’t that crazy after all.. But there was a problem, whilst creating a Network for women to avoid becoming Isolated and feeling alone Georgina had become isolated and realised that she didn’t want to continue on in the business if it meant being doing it alone.

Introducing Sharon…..

Sharon was at home with her 2 young children (& 3rd on the way!) when she came across Count Her In – Like Georgina,  Sharon had also felt isolated at times and decided to find out what Count Her In was all about…. When Sharon & Georgina met for the first time the conversation flowed they realised they had lots of friends in common, but had never met despite not living too far from each other. As the months went by Count Her In did exactly what it was created to do and Georgina and Sharon became great friends meeting for play dates with their children and coffee without them.

Sharon had become an Ambassador for the Louth Mammies group and when Georgina made the decision to bring on board a business partner there was one woman she wanted it to be!

So in April 2017  Sharon came on board and they are now running the business together whilst juggling the demands of their busy lives (& 6 children!)

In what can only be described as a ROLLER COASTER of highs and lows the one thing that remains unchanged is their friendship and determination to make a difference and ensure Count Her In becomes the NUMBER ONE social network for women!

In the words of Helen Keller “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

To Be Continued……. 

Be Part of something amazing !

Our mission is quite simple we want to be the worlds Number 1 social network for women – we want to encourage & empower women to demand more from their lives, more for themselves!

Our mission is personal!

We are Members of Count Her In – We are busy women with lots going on, but we wont allow that to stop us from making time for ourselves – meeting new people and trying new things.

We are Ambassadors of Count Her In – We want the freedom & flexibility of working for ourselves, of not having to commute, of having control over our own earning potential.